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“The way we get our economy back really is about how we get our democracy back.  And that is getting together and creating institutions that countervail the power of the biggest corporations, the biggest banks and the wealthiest people.  Citizenship is more than just voting and jury duty and paying taxes.  Citizenship really is participating and engaging and making a ruckus when a ruckus is necessary.  It’s all of our responsibility to make sure for ourselves but also for our children and for our grandchildren, that we make this thing work.”

 Robert Reich, US Labor Secretary

The Internet of People, For The Internet of Things

CalenDarer CRM offers calendar synchronization for professional contact management, professional contact scaling and professional contact organization. CRM populates and displays all contacts on a map, providing real-time visual and documentation access to who you need and when you need them.

Upgrading to CRM includes Analytics, a longitudinal feedback profile that displays your interaction feedback cumulatively.