The word Inception means the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.
Inception is a software development extension, offered to businesses, allowing them to custom layer industry specific tools on top of the CalenDarer Human Capital Logistics Management platform. You get your own version, that does something specific for your business and private network.

The application is wide spanning and multi-industry. Field service businesses would benefit from the ability to import a parts & order list, while parents benefit from its co-parenting communication capability and its mobile Client Relationship Management system.

The result, largely because it’s already been built, is the most cost effective, efficient and intuitive foundation offered for building your own customized digital communications and human capital logistics management infrastructure.

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CalenDarer is an intuitive peer to peer Synchronization, Organization and Communications Software Technology for Asset Mobilization and Human Capital Logistics. It takes advantage of the most under-used or misunderstood system in the client relationship management process in a manner resembling Blockchain Technology.

A Hybrid Networking species (SaaS/IaaS), CalenDarer is founded on the principle of entrepreneurship, accountability and merging intelligent, proactive human behavior with effective, efficient technology in mind.

Unlike systems that claim Social Integration, CalenDarer integrates you, your team and your CRM Data directly into the The Social Calendar Network. The outcome is access ranging from X-Platform Visibility, Contact Management, File Sharing, Organization and overwhelming Synchronization of communications and logistics within your own established and trusted network.

CalenDarer services are offered in 3 manners:
1. FREE: Basic Contact Synchronization & Management
2. UPGRADE: Includes CRM Contact Synchronization & Behavior Analytics ($89)
3. Inception: Custom Infrastructure (Custom Quote Based on Needs)



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