The word Inception means the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.

Inception is a software extension, designed for infrastructural software development of custom infrastructural multi-industry tools, layered on top of a regulatory compliant CRM platform.

Application versatility is wide spanning and multi-industry, ranging anywhere from food delivery/ride sharing services to co-parenting communications with automated social integration.

Your own version, specific to the needs and goals of your business and network.

More Info

CalenDarer is a Peer to Peer Human Capital Logistics Management and Communications Software Infrastructure with Performance Based Behavioral Data Verification. A Client Relationship Management system founded on legal precedent with qualities of the Military Industrial Complex.

A Hybrid Networking species (PRM/CRM), CalenDarer focuses on the principle of entrepreneurship, self-regulation and merging intelligent, proactive human behavior with effective, efficient technology in mind.

A 3-pronged versatile business model, CalenDarer services are offered in 3 manners:
1. FREE: Basic Contact Synchronization & Management (In the App Store).
2. UPGRADE: Includes Business CRM, Social Integration and Behavior Analytics (In the App Store).
3. INCEPTION: Custom Infrastructure – Own your own version (Private License)


Distribution Partner

CalenDarer is an AB5 compliant computer program. Its workflow is congruent to the ABC Test in AB5 and is protected by United States Intellectual Property law. The distribution agreement provides a contract between CalenDarer LLC (supplier) and the software development firm (distributor) and provides the distributor the right to market, cooperatively market, distribute, resell, sub-license and license CalenDarer to businesses and governments. Please read and sign the CalenDarer Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF) and email to in order to receive correspondence regarding your interest in becoming a distribution partner.

The Internet of People, for the Internet of Things.

Custom Communications and Logistics Technology for the Next Generation.