The word Inception means the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.

Inception is a software extension, designed for infrastructural software development of custom infrastructural multi-industry tools, layered on top of a regulatory compliant CRM platform.

Application versatility is wide spanning and multi-industry, ranging anywhere from food delivery/ride sharing services to co-parenting communications with automated social integration.

Your own version, specific to the needs and goals of your business and network.

More Info

CalenDarer is a Peer to Peer Human Capital Logistics Management and Communications Software Infrastructure with Performance Based Behavioral Data Verification. A Client Relationship Management system founded on legal precedent with qualities of the Military Industrial Complex.

A Hybrid Networking species (PRM/CRM), CalenDarer focuses on the principle of entrepreneurship, self-regulation and merging intelligent, proactive human behavior with effective, efficient technology in mind.

A 3-pronged versatile business model, CalenDarer services are offered in 3 manners:
1. FREE: Basic Contact Synchronization & Management (In the App Store).
2. UPGRADE: Includes Business CRM, Social Integration and Behavior Analytics (In the App Store).
3. INCEPTION: Custom Infrastructure – Own your own version (Private License)


Distribution Partner

CalenDarer operates in a manner congruent to Employer and Worker labor protection regulation, otherwise known as Hybrid Infrastructure and is protected by Intellectual Property law. The distribution agreement provides a contract between CalenDarer LLC (supplier) and the software development firm (distributor) and provides the distributor the right to market, cooperatively market, distribute, resell, sub-license and license CalenDarer to businesses and governments. Please read and sign the CalenDarer Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF) and email to in order to receive correspondence regarding your interest in becoming a distribution partner.

The Internet of People, for the Internet of Things.

Custom Communications and Logistics Technology for the Next Generation.