In a type of blended workforce comprising of workers who work remotely and those who work from an office, a central location or in the field, exists the classification status of a worker. The worker classification status consists of Full Time Employee, Part-Time Employee, Temporary Employee, Joint Employee, Seasonal Employee, Independent Contractor, Freelancer and Consultant. Hybrid Infrastructure for a Hybrid Workforce is the computer program known as CalenDarer, which operates in a manner congruent to Labor Regulation, that aligns with these classification statuses.

The ABC Test in WORKER protection labor laws like Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) and the 4 Factor Balancing Test in EMPLOYER protection labor laws like the Joint Employer Final Rule are imbedded in the operational workflow of the CalenDarer computer program, providing the worker and the employer exemption from the law when using the CalenDarer application for work related Client Relationship Management (CRM).

CalenDarer’s Multi-Industry capabilities lends itself to a plethora of markets, ensuring operational workflow compliance within the most dynamic socioeconomic eco-system in the world. As the only Client Relationship Management (CRM) software technology with a regulatory DNA, CalenDarer’s Hybrid Infrastructure provides Regulatory Compliance congruent with Labor Regulation for the Ride-Sharing Workforce.